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What Makes A Property Memorable?

If your thinking of designing your new home and want to make sure you have that wow factor, here is what Guillaume Cornet from Bluu Media House thinks makes a property stand out. Guillaume is one of Australia's best Cinegraphic film makes and has the luxury of filming and seeing some of Australia's best homes:

Having the privilege to film many custom luxury homes I have seen many designs, features and statement pieces of all shapes and sizes. With every home being unique I have the challenge of creating a unique story that will bring the property to life for the audience to see and engage with on an emotional level.

Before creating a story I always do a full tour of the house and talk to the current owners who know the building and area intimately. In this process I’m looking for key features that stand out such as the architecture, some original design as well as the type of material/surface used like translucent glass, rustic wood, cold and strong metal.

Key features that make a property memorable for me are uncommon designs and features such as futuristic staircases, wine cellars, pool houses, views and the wow factor when you walk through the front door and see something unexpected like a water feature. It’s also very important that the house flows between rooms and while combining the inside and outside effortlessly. The key features and memorable aspects give me anchor points to produce my video around. The types of materials and textures used throughout the project aid me in building an emotional connection with the audience that give you a sense it’s a home not just a building.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail or would like to capture the construction process or finished home please feel free to contact me today.

Guillaume Cornet – Bluu Media House

+61 449 611 848

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